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End-to-end safety
Enclosures, guards and more
Tamper-proof design
Long service life thanks to easy adaptability

First and foremost, machine safety is about making sure that employees are protected from potential hazards. Using special components from the MB Building Kit System, you can build guards, doors, machine enclosures and cabins that can be fitted with any panel elements. Metal grating, polycarbonate sheets and numerous panels can be chosen as appropriate to the application at hand. These guards and enclosures, which comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, can be connected directly to the machine base or set up as inherently stable, free-standing solutions.

From universal to specialised

From universal to specialised

Frames, guards and doors are based on aluminium profiles with grooves and can therefore be interconnected and extended as necessary using accessories and components from the MB Building Kit System. Special security components such as tamper-proof Hangers and door securing devices can be used to increase security levels as required. Everything is mutually compatible so that all tasks can be taken care of with one and the same building kit system.


From XS to XXXL

The MB Building Kit System can be used to build guards and enclosures in any size. Exactly the same principles are applied when constructing a compact protective hood as when building a full enclosure for a production line. Partitions restrict entry to hazardous areas while integrated gates and lifting doors control access. The system allows you to ensure the safety of workers using mechanical means or electrical components.


From XS to XXXL
From stationary to mobile

From stationary to mobile

Guards and enclosures can be integrated directly into machine frames or be securely connected to them to screen off the areas around machinery. To make it easier to adjust the working area, partitions can also be designed as mobile solutions and can be built separate to machinery on the factory floor. Furthermore, one person can set up and take down complete guards working alone, thanks to secure fasteners, stable floor elements for a firm footing and simple mechanisms for levelling out guards on uneven floor surfaces.

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From secure to exceptionally secure

Locking systems don’t just hold doors closed with a basic latching function, they also provide security against unauthorised entry through swing or sliding doors made from inherently stable panel elements. Visual and audible signals can be added or they can be incorporated directly into the machine’s electronic safety concept.

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From secure to exceptionally secure
From transparent to opaque

From transparent to opaque

Thanks to the wide selection of panel elements available, you can create the perfect balance of safety and functionality. Transparent panels of impact-proof polycarbonate provide an unimpeded view of the machine process, while black panels can be used to darken the view where necessary. Moreover, users can even tailor their solution to their corporate design, thanks to the range of metal gratings and colour choices.

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